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Magic Scott is a professional magician withover 20 years experience entertaining audiences. From amazing corporate magic shows to meaningful school shows to fun birthday party magic shows, you'll simply love the result!

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Watch the video - Click PLAY button to the left for a sample corporate magic show.

Corporate Shows

Scott's specialty! With a close-up sleight of hand magic show or a fun corporate magic show on the stage! The mind-blowing corporate shows are completely different than the kid shows, but they will make your audience feel like a kid again!

Magic Scott turns to the camera and smiles during a card trick

Kid Shows

You'll get a unique show tailored to your exact audience. Your guests will love his mind-blowing magic! See some sample types of shows. Scott also has a great birthday party magic show and makes the birthday child float as a grand finale!

Kansas City Favorite

Scott Henderson is a Kansas City favorite! He's been performing magic in Kansas City for years. Since many of his clients like his charming style of magic, he often travels to perform at events across the country! See client list.Trade Show Magic attracting crowds to the booth.

Great reaction to the "Guess any Number" trick.

Performing magic at a private corporate holiday party, and got a great reaction from this audience member!

Magic Scott's magic tricks look like real magic.

  • Watch a dollar bill instantly change into a $100 dollar bill, just inches from your face and with his sleeves rolled up!
  • Draw a picture on a playing card and put it back into the deck. Unbelievably, it appears folded up inside three boxes that were being held on the other side of the room the whole time! And yes - it's your EXACT picture!
  • Watch your card slowly rise up out of a deck of cards, all while you are holding the deck! And YES!... you can examine everything!
  • A bill is borrowed from the audience and the serial number is noted -- then it appears on the other side of the room in just an instant!
  • And hundreds more! Each event is customized with the perfect tricks to suit your audience.

Whether you are looking for a full show for a large audience, or are entertaining clients at your hospitality suite, Magic Scott's shows are proven to delight the senses of your guests!

Travel to my event? (Scott lives with his family in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri - and performs shows throughout the Midwest. However, he's available for shows throughout the USA. You may book him directly.) Reasonable travel fees can be arranged for a performance anywhere in the USA.

Recent quotes from clients:

Use magic at your trade show booth to bring in tons of extra people (and therefore leads) to your booth. See what this company said about using my services at a trade show. If Scott can bring busy people over to a trade show booth, imagine what he can do at your next party or event too!

Magic Scott stands back and lets the kids levitate each other.

Letting kids levitate each other as Magic Scott steps back to enjoy the magical moment!

"As annual office holiday parties tend to hit a lull after the dessert is served, we hired Scott to spice up our event. He easily engaged our diverse group and elicited endless “ooo, ahhhs” and “how’d he do that’s”! I’d definitely recommend Scott for any event, as he appeals to audiences of all kinds."
- Janet Thompson, CPC Attorney and Principal of The Cottonwood Group, LLC"Hi Scott, Thank you for an outstanding performance at camp last week. The members loved you and learning magic tricks! You were amazing! "
- Nancy M.

"Scott, Many thanks for a great magic show!! Children as well as adults were in conversation all evening trying to figure out your secrets!!! You are a great magician, and SOOO good with our cute, cute grandchildren with a variety of ages!!!"
- Marilyn H., Leawood KS

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